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TrueFond Ghana makes African clothing for women all over the world! With almost 6 years of experience, starting from Etsy, we have a brand that gives you clothing you can be truly fond of.

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August 01, 2022
No avatar thumb j-konadu0562 Us

July 27, 2022
No avatar thumb osahillel Us
on Duafe Vivant...

I love this dress! It came out so beautiful. Thank you so much.

July 27, 2022
No avatar thumb scorpiowande Us
on Duafe Vivant...

July 21, 2022
No avatar thumb calm2serenity Us
on Papayeasa African...

Slow service. I had to submit a complaint in order to have item shipped.

June 22, 2022
No avatar thumb mardiswhizkidz Us
on Kente traditional...

I needed this dress for my 25th anniversary wedding renewal ceremony in Eygpt June 2022. I was in love with the photo. THE DRESS IS A COMPLETE HORROR, A ARTS AND CARFT PROJECT GONE ALL WRONG. The material is heavy, and thick like a coat. It is padded like a quilt to hot to wear
As you can see in the photos the seams are not lined up, one side is larger than the other. The fabric is so heavy it sags and buckles above my crotch. As you can see on the pictures . The zipper can barely handle the weight of the dress. TrueFond saw these same picture and still will not refund my money. If you would like more pictures of the dress email me at i will be sharing this aweful expression with everyone I know. The dress is a shame, that TrueFond will not return my money is criminal, and they should be ashamed for stealing 500 USD from me. I was willing to return the debauchery of a dress. True fond offered to pay my tailoring cost, but as you see from the pictures, the dress is not fixable with simple alterations! My tailor said it was not fixable, she would need to take the dress apart and see what could be done with the fabric. Share this with everyone you know.
Not a skilled tailor
Bad hot fabric.
If you would like me to mail you a piece of the fabric I will.


June 20, 2022
No avatar thumb pros11 Us
on Boatenma African...

Thank you for this beautiful dress. I will send pics when I wear it. I feel royal in the dress!! Excellent job!! Will definitely purchase more items from you.

May 08, 2022
No avatar thumb maeva-post-bac Fr
on Akuffo Vivant... and Akuffo African...

ATTENTION, the belt and the bag were purchased separately. Very good first experience on this site and with this seller, all my requests were listened to and applied, I would probably recommend others in the future if necessary Note that the dress comes with a slit up to the waistband (which came to me a little below the navel), I sewed it myself so that it starts just below the panties, but I imagine that we can ask to have it less indented upstream

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May 07, 2022
No avatar thumb jennifer-jockson Fr
on Akuffo Vivant...

Big disappointment see scam: Different fabric color different patterns. Belly collar not sewn Slit in the leg non-existent Long sleeve instead of short Despite the dimensions given the dress is much too long 172€ with lost customs fees

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March 22, 2022
No avatar thumb greta_tt Gb
on Bokomah batik...

Most amazing dress I’ve ever owned. I will definitely be purchasing more. Fits perfectly. Thank you so much
Received it sooner than expected and the little extra I requested was gifted.
Thank you once again

March 07, 2022
No avatar thumb pamela-ghmconsulting Fr
on Duafe Vivant...

Super seller, fast shipping, very pretty fabrics and neat work, size a little big but it's not very serious I'll have it altered, thank you

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February 26, 2022
No avatar thumb brittany-k-quiles Us
on Duafe Vivant...

I was absolutely disappointed with the service after I ordered the dress and during the shipping process. However, the dress came literally in the midnight after I panicked to find another option. I received multiple compliments at my event and felt great wearing it. My rating is more so for the service/experience rather than the product so take it for what it’s worth.

February 25, 2022
No avatar thumb tovahd Us
on FireOpal African... and Merritt Dress /...

Very pleasant to work with.. Great quality work..

January 04, 2022
Wsmpnefu thumb kutia-mboungou Fr
on Mamiyaa African...

I received my dress in 2 days. It was very fast. Thanks again 🙏🏾✨

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December 28, 2021
No avatar thumb shenieka_russell Ca
on Azura Sun African...

December 05, 2021
No avatar thumb matikigrace Ie
on Rose Vivant...

December 04, 2021
No avatar thumb lutbert-maelane Mq
on Akuffo Vivant...

November 29, 2021
No avatar thumb nadine-moussa92 Fr
on Akuffo Vivant...

On time i have nothing to say about the delivery, the dress arrived on time, the dress measurements are ok. But the black belt of the dress has absolutely nothing to do with that of the photo, I am frankly disappointed. The lace is really not pretty and it is also very imposing, I can't even put on a belt to hide it. For the price of the dress, I am disgusted.

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November 29, 2021
Q241i8vn thumb france-albert Fr

according to what I wanted, well respected delivery day! neat work ! Sincerely, France Albert

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November 17, 2021
No avatar thumb phyllis6702 Us
on Duafe Vivant...

I receive this and it was delivered too late for the event I had to attend. However, the dress is very beautiful. I wish I had the matching head scarf to wear with it. Can you make the head scarf from the same material?

November 02, 2021
No avatar thumb isauradenorre Be

October 07, 2021
No avatar thumb jmadelyn87 Us
on Triumph Maxi...

It looks just like the picture, very pretty. Something I wish I would’ve specified is where my waist sits- the waist on the dress it super high.

September 30, 2021
No avatar thumb panamanianprincess2014 Us
on Serafina African...

September 30, 2021
No avatar thumb prikou92 Fr
on Akuffo Vivant...

Parcel received before the indicated time great experience with the seller. Perfect size quality fabrics. Thank you

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September 26, 2021
No avatar thumb shakitaspldng2 Us
on Akuffo Vivant...

Fast delivery, great quality and perfect fit.

September 23, 2021
No avatar thumb gladysamouzou Fr
on Azura Sun African...